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Lead Logistics - integrated solutions for your Supply Chain

Being an experienced Lead Logistics provider and by using state of the art optimising tools, our professional Supply Chain engineers will bring you customised and competitive transport and logistics solutions for your complete Supply Chain.

Lead Logistics
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4PL - 4th Party Logistics provider

We solve your overall logistics needs and start with the designing and engineering of your customised logistics solution. A Control Tower is set up, which makes it possible for us to manage, operate and monitor your ongoing logistics needs.

Contract Logistics Warehouse

From managing your freight to designing the complete Supply Chain

Our objective is to optimise our customers’ existing supply and order management, making sure that supplies are faster and more timely. Our customers contract all carriers and we manage them.

Freight Management
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Transport sourcing

We have the advantage of being part of the worldwide Schenker group but as we are an independent 4PL operator dedicated to you, our skilled logistics experts source freely on the market for the most suitable supplier on each occasion. With access to hundreds of transport providers we can achieve very competitive transport solutions.

Supply Chain Engineering
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Independent Transport Procurement

As an independent 4PL company Schenker Dedicated Services purchases all transport and logistics services on the open market

Independent Transport Procurement